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Dan's Clear Skin Regimen

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...and it WORKS!!!

It has been two weeks since I got my tube of ClearSkin Reg. Gel and it all went just as Dan said on this website.

First week, and my face was OUCH! Red, painful moisturiser stinged vary badly.

This week, I'm increasing the amount of the gel and at the same time I'm ramping up the amount of moisturiser. I couldn't find Neutrogena moist. that Dan recommended here in Serbia (I found Visibly Clear Skin Neutrogena moist. but it burned like hell!!!). Few days ago I bought Eucerin Moisturiser for sensitive skin which is lavishly hydrating and it is non-comedogenic (is that the correct word?). It stinges a bit for the first half a minute after applying but then it's quite ok. My face is still flaky but I think much less then at the begining of this second week.

The most important thing: THERE ARE NO NEW ACNE this week. There were a couple of new ones during the first week but they went quicker the they came!

I think I'm still getting used to the BP gel but surely my skin has started to accept it. I'm being VEEERY gentle with it and it's grateful for that gentleness. DO NOT RUB AND MISTREATE YOUR SKIN - SHOW SOME RESPECT!

The next thing I'll do is to order Eucerin Renewal Moisturiser, but only after I see my skin is fully confortable with BP gel.


I'm gonna let you know how it's going on in the next couple of weeks.

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Thanks a lot, guys!

The third week of the regimen has just begun and I'm not flaky any more! There are some dry patches around my nose but it isn't too bad. Two pimples broke out however, one of them I squeezed out the other I left ther as is was and I can report that it's better not to touch them. They'll die away by themselves and with the help of CSR Gel.

My right cheeck is being great!

One more week and then I'm switching my moisturiser for Eucerin Renewal Lotion that Dan has recommended.

Small but annoying whiteheads are still around but not in that great number! Hope they'll go away eventually.

That's it for now. Best regards to all of you on this forum.


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:( Huh...

I'he had a huge breakout in the week 4th firstly on my left cheek and now it starts even on the right one which always was my better one...

Hope it'll pass soon and there'll be no more of them...

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Hey Lanna, its good to hear that you're not flaking after week 3! I'm only on week 1 and my skin is still pretty gross and flaky, so fingers crossed that it clears up soon!

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Thaks apple_pie, fingers crossed it'll work for you and you won't be flaky anymore.

It's been six weeks now, and all the way through I have had small breakouts firstly on my left cheek and then whet it got better the zits moved on the right one.

I think it's just just te way it has to be... Right now my right cheek is getting better after a moderate breakout and I hope little bastards won't move to the left side of my face again...

The bad thing is that I just cannot find the way of buying the Eucerin Skin Renewal Lotion that Dan's recommended - either they do not ship to my country (Serbia) or the shipment fee is way too much for my budget (some on line shops charge over $50)... :cry:

I think I can't have the full effect without that lotion...

The next week is going to my pms time so we'll see what it's going to make to my skin. I hope for the best!!!

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Hi everybody,

I'm still on Dan's CS regimen with CSR Gel but I've been using Panthenol cream as a moisturiser instead of Eucerin and it's great! My skin is soooo smooth!

I've also made a huge step and gone vegan! The results are great! My acne are gone!

Good luck to all of you!

p.s. I don't know how long do I have to stick on to Dan's regimen after getting acne free? I've developed a great confidance in CSR Gel and I feel addicted to it...and I'm afraid that the menace will be back if I quit the regimen.


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Youre going to have to stick with the regimen. It is not a cure, it just controls our breakouts. Once your body/skin has grown out of the acne (some people never do), then you can stop using the BP gel. I know, it sucks, but atleast it works...

EDIT: And, congrats on going Vegan, I tried it awhile back and I just couldnt take it any longer!

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Thanks a lot guys!

I'll stick with the regimen for a while then!

All the best :D

lanna it took me 1.5 - 2months to fully clear up

im stil fighting redmarks and the occasional spot that pops up nicely to piss me off hehe

but apart from that its cool. you wil beat it eventually and uve got some awesome members here that wil help you all the way!

feel free to shout up if you need help :D !



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