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Misdiagnosed with Rosacea?

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Has anyone else been frustrated with derms that seem to misdiagnose your condition? For about four years, I kept arguing with three different derms about my diagnosis. They kept telling me I had Rosacea and treating me with Rosacea products, none of which worked. I did quite a bit of reading on the topic, and the symptoms never seemed to fit my condition. Here's what I found:

Rosacea is more common in women, though many men suffer from it.

Rosacea is more common in people of Celtic origin with light skin.

Rosacea progresses in stages, starting with blushing/flushing.

Rosacea progresses to leave permanent veins and redness of the skin and breakouts.

Rosacea is often "triggered" by things like exercise, hot drinks, spicy food, alchohol, etc.

Well, I'm a man, with dark skin, I've never blushed or flushed in my life, I have no redness other than from pimples/cysts, and I've tried to isolate "triggers" from a long list, and have identified NONE!

Finally, I saw a fourth derm who said "you don't have rosacea, it's just adult acne." She put me on Accutane and things have been going very nicely. This, after four years of every medication under the Sun, both topical and systemic.

Many of the treatments for Rosacea are the same as those for acne (antibiotics, etc), but others (ex: Metrogel) are specifically for Rosacea, and that's what the derms kept pushing on me.

The moral of the story: don't trust your doctor blindly! Read up on things and don't be afraid to ask questions or even challenge their conclusions (respectfully).

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I think I have rosacea and acne, double whammy!!! I flush/blush a lot, and this can be annoying, because when I go see my doc, I get really panicky, and when I'm nervous I flush really badly. So when I am trying to point out my acne, which is shoved in to the background because of my really red face at that point, she tells me I just have rosacea. I try and point out my acne, but she never listens. Finally though, I asked to be referred for my acne, so we'll see what happens when I get to see the Derm.

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