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accutane for mild acne?

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Hi. I was wondering if anyone has ever used accutane for mild to moderate acne. I have oily skin and breakout on my chin and forehead the most. THe ones on my forhead are normal pimples but the ones on my chin are cystic and take forever to go away, and eventually scarring. I am getting frustrated and considering accutane. However, I really don't need it because this only happens when I stress or that time of month. I want to take it because I want perfect skin and don't want to have to worry about getting 8 hrs of sleep at night in order to not break out! Any suggestions?

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If its like you describe dont use Accutane. Accutane is acturly for heavy acne. My personal experience (as a mild to moderate acne "victim") is bad. I lost alot of hair (this doesnt happen to everyone though) and i feld like i had less energy, got depressed more often, feeling down etc. Also, when you use a low dose, the chance of a permanent effect is very little...

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Accutane is also appropriate for stubborn acne that resists other forms of treatment. So even if most people wouldn't characterize it as "severe" .... that doesn't mean Accutane might not eventually be the answer.

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