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I haven't heard this discussed yet, but does anyone know if smoking cigarettes or smoking pot has any connection to acne? Not that I do it or anything like that. :liar: Pot? What's that? :shhh:

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my dermatologist told me that YES there is a connection.

i haven't smoked for over a year now.i also stopped drinking alcohol a few months ago.and my skin was near perfect.

now i take vitamins,drink water and eat the right stuff.my skin nearly never gets a spot now.

whatever u put into your body will have an affect on your skin.

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I havent noticed any bad effects from pot, but I HAVE noticed, when I used to go out to the bars and chain smoke I would get horribly painful cysts (more than usual) the next day. I dont know if its an internal effect or if its the smoke going on the skin. But then again Ive known plenty of heavy smokers who never get a pimple, so I think its just us. :(

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What the 2 above me said is correct. Also note that most everything, natural or not has been linked to acne. Either as a cause or an irritant. Smoking causing acne is speculative, if it wasn't then you'd see a product on the market touting it's ability to get and keep you clear of the acne caused by your exposure to smoke!

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Smoking anything isn't good for you, period. Although, I do think there are exceptions if you do smoke MJ in MODERATION. But other than that, stay far far away from cigarettes, or any other smoke. It just puts a burden on your liver, the powerhouse of your body. It'll also kill the good bacteria, hindering your immune system. You wouldn't eat poison... so why would you smoke it?

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