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glycolic acid in the philippines

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I don't think they sell glycolic acid in the open market. Dermatogist or facial centers there are the only ones who could offer you glycolic peels. Since you could burn yourself to death so pretty much I don't think they'd sell you those stuff...

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hi i'm from the phil too. i get mine from my derm but they have it in solution. unlike the others who get their glycolic acid from the mixture in the moisturizer. i stopped using glycolic acid solution because the FAQ said not to add steps.

Although i've read that glycolic acid helps in exfoliating. I don't know when I will use glycolic acid and what part of the regimen.

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I think it costs 130 pesos per capsule I think. And you have to take it 2 times a day. So roughly 7 thousand pesos a month and I think it lasts 6 months...I don't recommend it though, since there are more better options and better results like the pantothenic acid regimen which is a better substitute..

Oh and I forgot... Since you asked about generic brands. Doxycycline is about 57 pesos per capsule. Tetralysal is about 69 pesos per capsule. I forgot about the others...

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None, they turn it into soaps... Just ask your derma for a glycolic soap because they will never sell you the liquid solution because the liquid ones are concentrated to 100%... Or just buy a Neostrata Neoceuticals Clear skin Solution for 1,500...

Just pm me if you want to know where my derma is so that I could refer you to her if you like...

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awww, kala ko walang Pinoy dito.

there used to be a few Filipino posters here, but they don't post anymore. I'm not in the Philippines though so I don't know anything about glycolic acid, etc.

hey guys, keep in touch :D

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Lliam - yeah derms don't sell it in solution anymore. i got mine a year ago. they have glycolic soap though. but i don't know where to put that in the regimen. so i stick with benzoyl peroxide.

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