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Roaccutane Typical Dosage

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I don't really have ''acne'' so to speak, more just the occasional pimple (say 3 - 5 at any one time). Anyway, I went to the doctors about 6 months ago and got Minomycin or whatever its called (anti-biotics).

Whilst they helped a bit, they really didn't give me alot of relief. After visiting my doctor (and twising his arm behind is back - so to speak) I eventually got a prescription for Roaccutane. He has given me the 20mg tablets and I'm taking 1 per day. So, 20mg per day. Is this a typical dosage?

I have been on it for about 1 week, so far so good. No dryness what so ever or any side effects. My skin is completely clear which is great.

What dosage are you guys on out there? Is 20mg too low? I'm getting results on it, but I was just keen to know as when I read the information inside the packet i was scared about some of the side-effects of this drug!!

Cheers. :->

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Usually the drug is prescribed for those with severe acne, cystular etc. Im quite surprised your doctor just gave them to you after only trying one anti biotic!

From personal expereince and what ive read the initial dosgae (after blood tests etc) seems to be 40mg to start with with progression onto 1mg per kg of body weight (in my case 60mg dose as i was 64kg).

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Yeh, that's what I thought - is it strange I'm getting good results with 20mg? My skin is completely clear atm and really healthy - I've literally been on it for 7 days.

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