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Question about Scars

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Hey, I'm 19/m. I mostly have these scars that are smooth (basically has the same texture as skin) but they're discolored, pink. None on my face, but they're ALL OVER my back. It's not a very clear picture... a lot of it is scarring (I think? Still not really sure, but either way, most of it is smooth. Which I believe means a scar.) There's still a fair amount of active acne though. I've noticed on my face that most pimples will subside into a flat red mark... and then soon fade away (within a few weeks.) Would that be considered a scar? I'm kind of confused about my back, just because it's so severe that even if the scars were fading I couldn't tell. Anyway, what are the best methods of treatment for scarring... besides anything too expensive like laser, I went for a consultation once, and it was going to be about $3,000 per treatment. Does my acne have to clear up first? Hoping for at home remedies that anyone can recommend. I don't have medical insurance at the moment... so I really can't do anything prescription.



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If i were you i would get rid of the acne first, and those look like theyre discoloration left after acne goes away, but not indented scarring, so you dont need to use certain things. I would say look into ALA or IPL or i dont know what its called but i heard it is for getting rid of acne. If you want to rid of acne and improve scarring i would do cooltouch. Thats all i can think of right now, im not sure about fraxel but i dont think you need that. Your problem should be easier to fix since your scars are not indented.

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that looks like it would clear up fine. i've found that it's a lot harder to scar on your body than on your face, and i remember having that type of acne (except that it was on my shoulder and back of shoulder region) and it all cleared up without a trace. pity about my face tho ;)

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