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Scary thought

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Whilst examinig my skin at the weekend, I was thinking back to how bad my skin was this time last year. My skin has definitely improved massively since then, but proportionally I remain still as depressed as I was back then so I've asked myself why?

The scary answer I believe is to do with the difference between black and grey. Basically last year the cracks and indents on my face stood out a lot more and showed up under lighting as quite dark and therefore obvious. Now I still have the same scars more or less but they are significantly shallower and softer. They now look less dark, but their general shape and number are the same. So instead of having dark indents that really bother me, I have lighter indents that really bother me.

This makes me worry that once I get the best improvement possible that all the scar borders remain in some form and I just end up with the same scar patterns on my skin only they look fairly light. This is not the kind of result I am after or can I ever be happy about.

I hope I'm wrong, but the idea that I will always see these scars, even if they are much lighter fills me with dread.

Anyone got an opinion on this?

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I've been noticing and thinking the same thing recently, as the results from my second round of Artecoll have started to take effect. For certain scars its like you said, I feel the shape of these will always be there in some form, even if they are pushed out as far as possible. I guess there is more damage to the skin then just the depression.

This said, my results are getting to the point where I feel less disfigured, ie. I can't see shadows from indents on my face from so far away now.

The other thing is that some of my soft scars that have responded the best have been pushed out, the shadows are gone, only to reveal more superficial large pore/ pick type scars that had been lurking in the shadows. So now these are the scars that bother me.

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Don't worry. Look how great Oursfan looks now... look how far she has come. with everthing you're doing I am sure you'll have the same type of progress. You will get better!

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No one can make promises but I think that just getting your scars as close to the surface as possible will benefit your appearance. Also it will put you in a position to use the newest lasers that come out for shallow scars. There is hope!


Looks like you need another local TCA peel for those pits. Don’t worry too much it will get better over time with lots and lots of money. Local TCA has worked so well for me so far almost all the pits he treated are gone or raised very close to the surface in four weeks. How are the areas you had treated by Rapaport?

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I agree that the significant improvement I've already has helped a lot, but I think it may take years for me to psychologically heal. I guess even faint traces of the scars will trigger a psychological reaction, bringing back all the horrible memories of the pain and suffering I've been through just because skin doesn't always heal smoothly.

Chin up I guess (as long as the lighting isn't too bad!)

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