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search button problem

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I have tried to use the search function to search for multiple words but the results aren't right. I want all the words to be in the post. The search help says to put a plus sign in front of each word if I want all the words to be in the post, but it doesn't seem to work that way for me. For example, I searched for:

+bp +age +spot

and got results with just spot, not age or bp. I experimented with quotes, too, and had a little success, but again, the plus sign didn't work. So when I searched for:

+bp +"age spot"

I got just "age spot" but not bp.

I got much better results by going to google.com and searching for:

"age spots" bp www.acne.org/messageboard

then I found what I wanted.

So I should use google instead of the site search button? What am I missing here? Thanks. :smile:

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When I searched for +bp +"age spot" I got this post. I think google would give you better results, though, since it often indexes our message board, and is a much more advanced search engine.

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Hey everyone, sorry I have been gone for a while, but school is really keeping me busy. I am on Spring Break this week, so tommorrow I will post information on your questions. Once again I apologize but whew being worked to death at school!!!

As a quick side note, a few days ago we had a guest speaker from "Glo Minerals" make up. I learned a ton about mineral make-up and it's pretty cool. Like I said, it still all boils down to ingredients. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are things to look for. While Glo Minerals has both, many other products also have them (CoverGirl tinted moisturizer and Aquasmooth foundation).

Promise to get back to you all soon, sorry for the delay!


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