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Baby Blue

girls, what about prenatal vitamins

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does anyone think that prenatal vitamins might help with skin. When I was on them both times, my skin was awesome. I quit after nursing and both times I broke out. Now, it might have to do with horomones going back to wacky after pregnancy and nursing (which is what I have assumed), but I also realized tonight that I also quit taking my prenatal vitamins when I quit nursing. Plus, I had a boy and girl; so I don't know if I can conclude it is a hormonal thing. WHO KNOWS!

so, I am going to do an experiement and start taking prenatal vitamins (doc had me take them before I got pregnant last time) and see what happens. I know that prenatal vitamins have lots of folic acid and safe amounts, and lots of vit B, A, and D.

Anyone tried this or want to try it with me and keep up their results?

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I would guess that your skin clearing was due to your hormones changing. They change significantly after nursing. I used to think about the prenatal vitamin thing, but i heard somewhere that it's really no good and doesn't make much difference at all. As far as I know your body will only use what it needs, and any excess vitamins will just be sent as waste out of your body. Since your body isn't carrying another child, and doesn't have anywhere else to send the excess vitamins they'll most likely just be sent out of your body. You're probably better off taking a normal, balanced one a day vitamin.

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Well, I bought some 'prenatal/prepregnancy' vitamins. THey are for anyone thinking about getting pregnant too. What I liked about them is that they had a safe amount of Vit A (which can be damaging to a fetus in large amounts). I also compared it to the 'normal' vitamins and it had more folic acid and vitamin b6 and b12 and zinc - which are all things that people say works well on iinternally treating acne.

I talked to my husband, who is in medicine, and he said that while your body will get rid of (urination) excess vitamins (unless it is in toxic amounts), if you are lacking the vitamins, then it COULD very well help. Retin A is vitamin A and so on. He said it won't hurt me and I will start taking it tonight. I probably won't (if I am going to at all) see results for at least two weeks.

Hey BB:

Hope you're well. I've heard of women taking prenatal vitamins for hair and nail growth... don't know why it wouldn't be worth a shot.

Good luck!


I have missed you, Goldie! I was wondering what you have been up too. I think I mped you not to long ago. My life has settled down a bit and I actually am having time to get on the computer. Hope all is well for you.

Sorry, back to topic!

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