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Try the new toner by Wet'n Wild. It is alchol free and 2% SA. Pretty good stuff.

good to know! Also, stridex has an alcohol free 2% sa acne pads. I read somewhere that the reason there is alcohol in sa acne pads is b/c alcohol is the carrier that takes the sa to the pores. I always thought it was to help with oiliness (not a problem with me, I am actually really dry). I will try to find the book I read it in and see what else it said. I know it is in a book I just read about acne in adult women and ways to treat it. I will get back to you and let you know O.P.

PS opportunity - you look like what I imagine my now 4 year old looking when she grows up. Her father is half Irish (like Colin Farrell) and half Native American (think about the guys in Dances with Wolves). So, then he and I have our daughter and she looks a lot like him. Which reminds me of you. SOrry to get off track, I just thought I would share that with you.

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Aww...Babyblue, I hope that is a good thing. lol.

I want to see a pic. You must show me! :D

Yes, b/c my daughter is precious! I am trying to scan her picture, but it is not working. I am going to keep trying. Her name is Keely (it is an Irish/Welsh name my husband picked out).

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