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ok this may sound dumb but im goin get right to the point, so a girl that i have familar realtions with is visitng me this week and were prob gonna go to a party.

i have really bad red makrs and not really scars but a kind of bad skin, i cover it all up with dermablend but now im scared that if we hook up her hands might go onto my face or whatever then i dont know you get the point...

anway im nervous, and i dam hate it :doh::cry:

i know it is somewhat obvious and even if shes going to be drunk as hell and probally so will i i still feel like its going to be a big deal..

acne.org HELP

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That doesn't sound at all silly to me.. I figure all you can do is press on and try not to think about it, and when it comes to the crunch just hope she doesn't react badly.

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My suuggestion is to stop using makeup altogether. then you wont have to worry.

um belvie me, im not the kind of dude to overreact im a pretty chill guy, but that isnt an option...... TRUST me, i dont have active acne since im on accuatne but i have SOOOO many red spots it snot even funny and not small ones but big blotches from the sun and bad skin products etc. its everywhere and without any makeup i wont even have the chance to get anywhere.

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dont be stupid :D

just act like yourself... a girl you have relations with huh? as in a friend?

does she know you have bad skin?

well i see her maybe evry month n a half, last tie i saw her was new years and that was a disaster so im sure were hookin up tonight, she has an idea about my marks but that night my face was looking pretty good compared to other times....

man im jjust nervous in general, its pissin me off, shes like the only girl that actually indimidates (sp?) me...

just gotta go with the flow i guess :whistle:

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