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Is Benzoyl Peroxide supposed to be gritty?

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I want to say that I read somewhere (maybe here) that the smoother the bp, the better the product. THe grittiness is supposedly a sign of low quality bp. I am not for sure, but that is what I THINK I read.

Anyone, feel free to correct me (or agree).

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I use Clearasil's product, and they recently changed their packaging, and the new tube I got IS a little grainy. I don't know if it was just my tube or what, but I can definitely feel a little spikiness when I'm putting it on.

It's not like sand or anything, but I can for sure tell. I think Brandy is right and it's about the dryness of the cream base.

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Holy moly, I was JUST going to post this very same question! Thank you for doing it for me!

I bought a generic BP brand and it's SERIOUSLY gritty. Doesn't feel good. I'm going back to Clean N' Clear's BP.

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I was using Spectro Acne Care BP, which is a nice smooth lotion, but it comes in a very small bottle. So I decided to try PanOxyl Aquagel, expecting a nice smooth gel, but it was so grainy and hard to rub in!! I really did not like it. I think I just blew my money on that one! :(

So I guess this really dosen't answer the question, but that's my experience. Although I don't know which one really is better, I prefer by far the smoother BP lotion.

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