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dairy products cause acne?

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Dairy does not cause but can exacerbate acne, particularly if you don't eat organic since the non-organic is packed full of hormones and crap. I ate non-organic dairy for 1 year after leaving home before i realised it was bad, and during that year my skin was at its worst ever, for a while i didn't realise why. There have been studies showing that dairy consumption can be linked to acne.

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How many in North America consume dairy product daily? 90%? Probably more. Dairy is in nearly everything, but not everybody has acne. The studies that show dairy consumption to be linked with acne are rather contrived. "Do you have acne?" "Do you consume dairy?" oh, my, look at that, a positive correlation. Dairy must cause/exacerbate acne.

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I notice that I break out if I have to much cheese, but thats my fault, because I take to much of it. All foods in moderation, no worries then.

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As an experiment I stopped with dairy for a few weeks: not EVERYTHING, but I stopped drinking milk and eating yoghurt... I have to say: my skin looked a lot better. A few days ago I started having cereal with milk and yoghurt with muesli again and guess what? I'm breaking out like crazy!

Back to non-dairy for me....

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