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My problem, with PICTURES

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Good day, my name is edin

and I have a large problem, my scars which can I against it make please only experienced people. I am still in ISO therapy and have a dose of 40mg to 20.03.2006 can I it off set.

my English is not so good, can understand their me all?

im come from Germany and Bosnia and Hercegovina :-D

and may I in the middle make the suggested things in the ISO therapy????

ok guys here the pix:

look ^^

IPB Image

in the picture are completely flat red marks and scars

IPB Image

in the picture I have a scar down in the picture, and a knot beside the mouth the remainder is exactly as in the upper picture

i hope the people understand me

accepted languages, english, german, bosnia,

thx for your help ^^

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I think you have 'red marks' rather than scars so perhaps you should try the 'red marks' forum. If your scars have been formed within the last year you can use vitamin C products, retin A, rosa mosqueta or copper peptides to help healing. Apart from that you should leave them alone for a year as they may heal by themselves and harsh action now could do more harm than good. You should also use a simple moisturiser.

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It looks to me like you do have permanent scars there, though it's hard to tell how many will remain and how many are just redness. The only way you can really tell is to feel your face with your fingers and see whether or not there is any indentation. If there is, then the scars will be permanent. I personally wouldn't recommend doing anything for at least a year or so, after the redness has faded and you stop breaking out.

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hmm, if I touch my face with fingers


only on the left and on the right side from the ears... yes its right

an rigth from my mouth is a scar!

ok cya gn8 ^^

how long does it last to red marks away is?

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