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Hi there everyone, thanks muchly for reading my post! I've not been on acne.org in ages, but recently I've been having problems, and so once again I seek advice from whoever is willing to give it to me :cool:

I started the clear skin regimen in August I think, and I am now quite clear, apart from small pimples I get that aren't really noticeable. I used to have a lot of red marks but they've faded really well.

I stick to the regimen, and only use Garnier face wash with fruit waters for sensitive skin, or Simple moisturising face wash.

My skin always goes really red after applying the gel, 15 minutes after washing, and it remains really red even after I apply Simple moisturiser, another 15 mins later. I have to wear alot of concealer and I now use green tinted concealer to cover up the redness, but my skin still stings a bit.

I've tried only using the gel in the mornings, but nothing has changed. I've tried only using it at nights, but that means I'm not wearing any gel throughout the majority of the day, so my skin gets worse. I use as little gel as possible, but my skin is sensitive and so it still goes red.

I'm scared that I'm burning my skin or something, because that's what it feels like. Has anyone got any advice to stop my skin getting so red? It goes red all over my face, because I apply the gel all round my face.

Thanks for any helpXXX :cool::whistle:

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