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vitamins to help clear skin

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does anyone take or know off any vitamins that are proven either by yourself, someone else or through research that help clear up acne or at least improve your complexion?

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These are the ones i take:


Vitamin C

Vitamin E

Evening Primrose oil


I am currently trying to get clear on just a healthy diet and supplementing proper vitamins. I don't use any cleansers or moisturizers. So far its working great.

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Taking vitamins usually only helps out when your body is deficent in some of them, or if your body is not using their current supply properly in combination with one another. However, a few vits' have been shown to help in abnormally high doses for a short time to promote an almost homeopathic response by the body, which can kickstart inprovement and healing. Namley Zinc.

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After going to a neutropath for health reasons more than acne reasons, I have noticed improvements in my skin, but of course, diet alone has helped greatly. Here are the supplments I'm currently taking:

Vitamin E

Vitamin C

Multi Vitamin

Cod liver oil (I was told by nuetropath that it helps with acne)

Vitalzyme (Also helpful for acne and many many other things)

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