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I'm using:

*MAC Studio Tech Foundation

*MAC Studio Finish Concealer

*MAC Select Sheer/Pressed powder

Although this makeup looks natural, it makes me look kinda pale - can anyone recommend any good products to use to give a bit more colour?


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bobbi brown bronzer is amazing, looks totally natural and all that, gives you a healthy glow without looking dirty or shiny like some bronzers do.

or clinique self sun for face.. i just started using this, a friend gave it to me so i figured what the hell. im usually not one for sunless tanners but this one's alright. also it's much easier to put it on your face than trying to put shit all over your body which is the only other experience i have with bottle tans.

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If you're pale, don't use a normal brown bronzer by itself. Either just use a blush or bronzer that's a brownish-pink or brownish-coral shade (not sure exactly what the name for this type of color would be, the only one I can think of is maybelline bittersweet but I think it's dc'd...Cargo does make some good shades of bronzer but I found them too pigmented for my skin), or use a normal bronzer to contour -- along the hollow of your cheek -- and put a peachy-pink or coral blush on the apples of your cheeks. When I'm extremely pale (where I used to live, I'd be white in winter) brown or tan bronzer looks ridiculous, and even when I'm tan I've found that extra touch of pink makes it look so much better, possibly because my skin has cool undertones.

Of course, you could always take advantage of the paleness and just do a pretty flush instead of putting on bronzer. If you can still get the catharine deneuve collection, MAC blushcreme in hunger red looks good on pale skin as long as you just use a teensy amount (it looks scary in the pot, but put on just a fingertips worth and blend, and it's really pretty). I've also heard that MAC's frankly scarlet blush looks great on porcelain skin -- it's a bright reddish color, absolutely no brown in it, so if you apply it lightly it'll look really pretty and natural. It's next on my list of blushes to get when I feel like buying one.

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