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Liquid Mineral foundation??

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Check this out Illuminare Cosmetics

They make liquid mineral makeup. It you check the ingredients under more information, its amazing how few ingredients are in the makeup! Just compare it to regular drugstore makeup. I'm going to go to a local vendor and get a sample, and I'll post back with how I like it.

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Physician's formula has a liquid mineral foundation but knowing drugstore makeup that's probably just a marketing deal, and they stuck titanium dioxide in it and named it mineral makeup.

I'm doing a competitive evaluation of it for work right now (I have to be done before 4:00, so I better get off acne.org, and get to work).

So far it sucks...it's a total marketing scam. All it is is a water-in-oil emulsion. There is noting "mineral" about it except it does not contain talc (most liquid foundations don't anyway) and the pigments happen to be minerals (most pigments used in foundations are metal oxides) ......and guess what....talc is a mineral too.....It uses traditional water-in-oil emulsifers that we'd use to make a silicone emulsion, and it's not even oil free (although it claims that it is). It contains caprylic/capric triglyceride (which the CTFA classifies as an oil). The only raw material that screams comedogenicity is the co-emulsifier, polyglyceryl-4-isostearate, but it's most likely only in the formula at 1-2% so the finished product shouldn't be comedogenic. although I can't find a non-comedogenic claim anywhere on the package...hhmmm....maybe it wasn't even tested....they don't clain SPF either....so I'm guessing that they didn't test for that either (although it probably does have some SPF from the titanium dioxide, but I don't even see zinc oxide anywhere....)

Plus it feels kinda heavy and draggy......Not worth the 10$ if you ask me........

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