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This is my first post here, Ive been reading for a while now, and decided 2 weeks ago to tackle this problem. I have mild acne, have had now for about 12 years, tried antibiotics, retin A, the pill and many many other things. Had good results with proactiv, have used it now for a year, and now spots are much smaller and not so painful.

I decided to follow the advice on here and try and solve this once and for all. I started using a lot more BP as I realised I ws not using enough. Skin was dry for a while, but is ok. I stopped using the harsh proactiv cleanser and toner, now just wash with water, and use the proactiv BP. However, at the same time, I started to supplement with vitimins, everything recommended, zinc, B6, Bsup, C, E, A, Aloe vera. Really went for it. And also at the same time, completly changed my diet. used to eat a lot of sugar and junk, so read up on the Acne -GI link, and followed a low GI diet for 2 weeks.

My problem, and I am very glad to have this problem, My skin in 99% clear. everything has gone, and I am amazed. However, being so stupid and not thinking this through, I dont know waht has caused this.

The better skincare regime, the vitimins or the diet. How do I figure out which, and is there one that is more likely to be responsible?

Would dearly love to give up the diet, it is so hard for me, but wont if this is likely to be the cause of my sucess.

Does anyone have and ideas or advice?

Thank you in advance...

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I would say the clearing up as much as you have is a product of the combination. Remove one and you probably won't break out *horribly*, but it will probably dimish the effectiveness.

BTW, congrats on changing the diet. That's some amazing willpower!

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