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Thinking of jackin it all in

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I started the regimen a month ago to help battle my mild acne around my mouth and kneck area.

The acnes now got worse is this normal? ive now got spots in places i never used to when i was just washing in water im sick of this bullshit life where the only thing i think about when i wake up in the mornin is has my acne got any better, think i'll go back to just using water :think:

my regimen consits of the following products

Cetaphil Non irritating cleanser

CSR Gell

Eucerin Dry skin Relief Cream with 5% urea or Botanics pore perfecting day moisture lotion

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Guest Akira

yeah lifes shit, if you want to jack it in go for it, only you know what makes your skin better or worse, what works for us may not work for you

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Agreed, the more I do to my skin to clear it the worse it makes it. So I just wash with ivory soap at nite(I wear make-up) with a clean wash cloth and a little neo cream on the spots and just water and my fingers in the am. Has helped loads, I also found drying my face after washing with a paper towel has helped too. Good luck, all are different what works well for one might not for another sometimes you just have experiment to see. Someone on the body acne board suggested dial soap or neutrogena body wash to help clear up the neck, chest and back acne. You might give that a try.

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I think a lot of people experience a breakout at around 1 month... I would give it a little more time before giving up altogether. It took me a few months before my skin was really clear with the regimen.

Have a look at the moisturizers you're using too, and make sure they're fragrance-free and non-irritating. I'm not sure if urea is a good idea. :think:

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thanx for the comments i will continue the regimen for another month just to see if things clear up at least then i can say ive givin it a real go.

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