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Reilly's TCA/Cross

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I have almost the same scarring as this member and in the future I would like to try peels, but I have no idea which to try. So much info everywhere is confusing me. Lactics, HA's, Mandelic, copper peptides, 12%, 30%....What do all of these really mean and which one do I pick!? :blink:

Mabey I should start low. I did my own version of peeling once and saw some improvement, but this was using bp and I knew I wasn't gonna break out from it. How do I prevent breakouts while getting an effective peel? I've heard people incorporating copper peptides into their work. Doesn't this involve constant applications that might cause breakouts? How necessary are the CP's?

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Reilly did a focal application, in which the acid, at 100% concentration, is applied only to the scars. I would imagine you shouldn't break out from it (can a scar break out?); I just did it myself a couple of days ago and I'm fine. But I haven't really broken out since I came off of accutane at 17 (I'm now 25). There are very extensive threads in here on exactly how to do it if you run a search, along with many experiences. A great number of people have done this with varied results. The best results seem to come with shallow scarring.

I have mostly small, shallow scars with a few moderate and have seen a huge improvement with just one application (it's only been two and a half days so we'll see if it lasts) and I honestly think I might have gone a little too easy on myself. I haven't experienced any of the inflammation or redness that others have reported and all of my scabs are tiny and non-bloody (it's just crusted skin and the acid/protein coagulation hardening and peeling off). In fact, every post treatment photo I've seen on here, regardless of the procedure, has looked worse than how I looked.

On the other hand, another guy on the front page who has much larger and deeper scars has posted pictures that show far more swelling, redness, and scabbing than I've seen, but he hasn't gotten the same results even after multiple applications. I'm sure it depends upon many factors, but it's certainly worth trying. As long as you make sure you don't get any acid outside of the scar edges (except for a couple of elongated scars, I only applied a single spot to the middle of each scar), you won't get any worse and you're bound to see some level of improvement. It's cheap and easy to do, and doesn't require an appointment. Downtime for me has been pretty much non-existent. I had the frost marks for a day or two (all my scars are on my forehead and temples, so I just wore a beanie) and now just some light brown spots that basically look like post-acne marks and the small scabs, which will probably come off within a couple of days. It itches like a bastard, though.

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