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How to get rid of whitehead without overdrying it?

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i think everyone wants to know the answer to this question! most of the time though, the scars from my whiteheads usually clear in time. you could try not overdrying and letting it run its course, it'll heal faster.

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Yeah, if you let it run it's course that might not scar but then there is the chance of it spreading or scarring worse. What I do when I have a white head I wait til' it is really ready to "pop". Then I after I have taken a hot shower I prick the head with a sterilzed needle and gently, very gently, squeeze out the puss. I have tissues on my hands or toilet paper and it comes out pretty clean. then I clean the area with rubbing alcohol or SA seems to work, just a little. Then I apply bp and let it heal some. it will make a little scab and I try to leave it on for as long as possible usually 2-3 days. It usually leaves very little mark or none at all that is noticeable. After all this I exfoliate using Jess's technique and it disappears rapidly. That's what I do, I don't know if it is the best technique but it seems to work nicely for me.

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i iced it and popped it I am gonna avoid putting bp but I did use some avita cream on it

:wall: guys dont pop the whiteheads ! if you do your loss because it rips the layer of skin in two so its like a cut so it may scar! so big no no!

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