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But it wasnt for me, but for a guy in my class. He has acne and he had like 2 big scabs on his face. After we turned in our test my teacher ask him what happened to his face. I could see it in his face that he didnt know what to say so he finallly said something about getting hit in the face with a soccerball. I felt really bad cuase I would have been super embarrased.

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My boyfriend had a huge cyst by his hairline, probably about the size of an American quarter in diameter. It drained but now there's this big purple spot where the cyst was. My roommate apparently hadn't noticed the cyst when it was live, thought the spot was a bruise, and asked my boyfriend if I had punched him in the face. He definitely didn't know how to respond, and I felt pretty bad for him. Other than awkward situations like that, though, he doesn't give two shits about his skin and won't wash his face or use any topical products to clear up his otherwise very mild acne. I would never pressure him to do it since it doesn't bother me and doesn't bother him, but sometimes I just want to smear BP on his forehead in his sleep to spare him the occasional annoying comments.

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LOL reebok I love your avatar.. the video for it entertains me

my hearts beatin, my hands are shakin, but im STILL shootin, and im STILL gettin headshots!

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