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my name's sue, and i'm 15 years old. i'd say that i've been inflicted with acne since i was hmm... 11? (i remember waking up to find my very first blackhead. i was mortified. haha) i'm korean with combination skin (only oily spot is my nose, and only slightly oily) and i am currently suffering from mild breakouts. (tiny little pustules and tons of blackheads on my nose. YAY!) my skin is a bit sensitive, and ranges from normal-dry.

during this school year my acne kinda blew up. i mean like 10+ cysts on my face at any given time. it was really the first time that my acne affected me emotionally and socially. but anyways, that slowly cleared up. how? i stopped washing my face with scrubs/acne cleansers every day; mostly used just water. i'd say about twice a week i used either neutrogena acne free cream cleanser or st. ives ultra gentle apricot scrub. it was just too much to use them daily. then i moisturized with jojoba oil, and spot treated with undiluted tea tree oil. (i prolly should dilute it.. but i'm too damn lazy. and i don't have any droppers) on occasion i would dab some FOTE aloe vera gel; but using it as a daily moisturizer irritated my skin and my eyes. o.O;

and so then, i guess my acne calmed down. i didn't even really realize it until some people mentioned it to me today. so all i'm left with are the normal little white pustules, a myriad of blackheads on my nose, and lots and lots of pigmented scars/redmarks.

this year i've also tried a lot of 'home remedy' type things. i've done honey+cinnamon masks everynight while i sleep; but although they made my skin FEEL SO FREAKING AWESOME, i blew up in more cysts.

i've also done baking soda scrubs. beryberybery nice. i don't use it everyday. maybe 1-2 times a week?

i also just started drinking lemon juice. or perhaps it should be called lemon tea because i drink it hot. i don't do this necessarily for acne, i'm doing it for my general health.

SO BASICALLY... i'm looking for a new, modified regimen per se. one that will

1) perhaps stop my acne forever and give me a flawless glowing face! hmm. i wish.

2) reduce my mild-moderate pustule acne

3) get rid of these goshdarn blackheads all over my nose

4) even my complexion. the sides of my nose (not my cheek areas though) are always a bit red and i'm just generally reddish toned. ew. i wanna be yellow.

5) fade my redmarks

i also have a few questions and i've decided to just include them in this post

1) is manuka oil really better than tea tree oil?

2) has anyone tried the nuskin clear action kit?

3) have any of you REALLY succeeded in banishing your nose blackheads?

4) how many of you have had success with lemon juice? (internally)

5) how many of you swear by APPLE CIDER VINEGAR? (i'm really curious about this)

6) is the "purging" idea valid? i mean the idea that your acne will get significantly worse (as "all the toxins are coming out") before it clears?

oh, and just a note. i'm more likely to purchase a "natural" product. for example i'd rather buy a real aloe very plant than use a processed gel. and i'd rather use pure vitamin e oil to get rid of scars (does this work?) than buy a "scar-fading cream"


EDIT: I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide, so that's not an option.

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As far as clearing up acne goes, I swear by Dan's BP. It won't help with your redness or blackheads, but I bet it will clear up the pustules. You'll probably want to take care of that before you deal with redmarks and scars anywa, so I think that a BP regimen would be a good first step for you.

"Jessfoliation" (exfoliation with Neosporin cream to heal red marks) has helped a good number of people with problems with skin tone, red marks, scars, blackheads, and oil problems. I think once you clear up active acne that Jessfoliation might be an avenue worth pursuing. There's a huge thread about it with like 120+ pages of information and results, you can't miss it.

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re blackheads, I used to have terrible problem with them on my nose and tried scrubbing it with a rice brain polisher which worked to a degree but if you looked closer you could still see all the blackheads and also I used to every few weeks put my face under steaming boiling water and with this bringing some of the blackheads to the surface pic and apply pressure to my nose and get rid of them (messing up some of the pores on my nose in the process).

I briefly read the Jessfoliation thread and decided to try using eletric toothbrush over my nose and success it seems to have done a really good job cleaning and making my nose feel super smooth and soft. I should mention I had microdembrassion done and had similar results but these were just temporary since if I leave it my nose comes back with blackheads. So as part of my routine every morning I lather this face washing cream (I really should probably use something else...whats right procedude) as a little layer from the brush onto my skin and quickly and gently move the brushes head across my nose from the bridge to the center and over the edges everyday. Works great so far, but I need to get a gentle tip the one I am using now is reg and I tried using it on my skin and broke out.

try that and see if that helps?

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