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Acne gone on my forehead

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I can honestly say I have not one pimple on my forehead, not one scarring or redness anywhere.

I got acne when I was around 12/13 and I got it really bad with extreme sweating and oily skin/hair etc, it just didnt help at all :doubt: I had acne still really bad upto around 14/15 (after that I went to the doctor and I was perscribed an antibiotic roll on lotion which I put on twice a day (morning and night) and really did sting!! :rolleyes: However it was slowly improving and I decided to basically try my own methods and I really didnt research on the internet or ask anyone... I simply avoided soap, alcoholic based soaps, shampoo's, etc... and I basically washed my face at least three times a day, and had a shower once a day (no baths)

I basically used a scrub on called clean and wash to open the pores (as it says on label) and boy did it help, I however do have acne bad on my back and is improving at a fast rate with reduced oily skin and it feels great... I also used a cream called dermaskin (advertised in uk television)

I went to the doctors about my back as I was taking bad reactions to histameine, so I had to take anti histameine as I was allergic to something (unknown, could of been a reaction to humidity, I was in africa and I didnt have it once, and back home when it was cold I would get it coming into the heat)

The reactions are gone and my acne on my back is clearing, I also had some acne at my rear area but its completely gone... my legs are improving.

However my facial looks (forehead, lips, cheeks etc) you would not think I had acne bad and it was very difficult and emotional on me, I would sit in the house all day because of my acne and I felt kind of depressed (as a teenager would of course) but now im going out living a normal life with friends, mixing in and so on (I know it sounds cheesy)

I know how hard it can be for teenagers when there young and you have acne... if you do have it, you dont need to worry about it and it will go away, I know it can cause problems and affect the way you live in certain aspects, but it will clear up and ive been reading a lot on this forum and this is one helpful forum I must admit.

Im 18 now and I havent had a pimple on my forehead in over 4 months which normally I would get every morning!! :wall: I really hope every teenager and even adult eventually gets rid of it, its a long process I know and I know there are people who are worse of and have had it longer, but im relieved to get rid of it :):):):) Best of luck to all.


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