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hi im Lvig

new Accutane log!

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hey guys, i'm fairly new here. well here's the deal. I'm 18, a senior in high school & had acne since i was 11 years old. it was REALLY bad a few years ago...but for the past 3-4 years i have kept it under control with over-the-counter products. i don't that break out that often...but when i do, i get a red-mark that will last for months/years. yes i'm a girl & make-up can cover it, (for the most part) but i'm sick of it. i'm sick of putting on tons of make-up to feel comfortable with myself. i've tried alot things from my derm and it helps, but it just comes back.

so i went to a new dermotoglist & she said since i didnt respond to anything, she'll try accutane on me. i just really hope this works. i would like to go to college looking clear.

week 1: its been eight days, i noticed my skin is alot softer and smoother, which is good, but is it the acctuane? i moisturize now, maybe that did it? my skin has been a little flaky & my lips are dry...but i'm happy about that. it means my body is responding to the acctuane.

i guess i'll update weekly...or whenever i see a change! bye!

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