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Vitamin/Supplement Question

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This is a ridiculous question, but does it really matter when you take your vitamins? I imagine you should take it sometime before the last meal of the day, so the body has time to digest it, but other than "not too late at night," is it important when you take your vitamin c/e/b, fish oil, msm? or is anytime a good time?

i end up never taking my vitamins b/c i think i should only take them in the morning, although i think my reasoning is purely habitual/psychological.

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vitamin E should be taken away from iron rich foods because they interfere with each other. take it with salads. Take it with leafy greens, nuts, vegetable oils. these food being already good sources of vitamin E. make sure ya get some fat in the meal because vitamin E is fat soluble. Tomatoes and vitamin E work great together. and the same with zinc i believe.

vitamin B is water soluble anytime is ok really

Vit C is good any time in a meal. it helps assimilate iron. try to get a Vit C with bioflavanoids with help absorb and assimilate vit C. Rose hip is one good choice

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i don't think it really matters when you take it.

- water soluble vitamins, you'll end up pissing out

- fat soluble vitamins get stored in your body.

tell you the truth, your better off asking a certified nutritionist.

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