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I am 18 and have had acne for 3 years. It has never got too bad but is always there and visible. I do weight training for 4 hours a week, a bit of cardiovascular work and have a healthy diet drinking at least 3 litres of water a day. I have tried everything to get rid of this acne but it just won't go. My routine is a simple witch hazel face wash morning and night, maybe a splash of water during the day, an exfoliation once a week and benoxyl peroxide 5% every other night. Help me! What else can i possibly do?

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have you ever thought about going on the regimen?


i do light training in the morning, then when im finished i begin my morning regimen.

then at 5pm, i do cardio exercises and more training/working out, then i go to shower and then i apply my evening regimen.

You dont have to follow what i do, but its just to give you a basic idea. Just make sure that if you sweat a lot that you gently pat your face with a clean towel, and always make sure that the weight or equipment your using is clean, cause i got a lot of rashes and breakouts cause of other peoples disgusting sweat all over the weights and stuff.

The regimen requires you to use 2.5% not 5%, so just consider switching. Im 18 too btw

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hmmm i tried it once before but i just got really red, dry, sore skin. that was with 5% though so i think i have found the problem already. do you take any vitamins or know of any that could help?

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