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Acne and Facial Hair

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Ive been on CSR for about 6 weeks now and slowly but surely my acne seems to be fading away. I do still get random pimples popping up which doesnt make sense to me but thats besides the point. Does acne have anything to do with scattered facial hair growth? I do have acne on both cheeks, mild/moderate. I get facial hair on my neck and lets call it jawline extended. Like for the guys here, you would call the facial hair style a "chinstrap" connecting the sideburns through the chin and what not. So overall, I was wondering why i do not get alot of facial hair by my cheeks but everywhere else I do? Thanks

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Because I assume you're still developing, facial hair will continue to thicken and spread right through to your late 20's, facial hair can irritate acne, but acne won't stop hair from growing, scarred skin however, would.

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If you have an even beard there will be less acne in that area because the follicle has a long hair shaft which the oil from the pore can smoothly travel down without being clogged.

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The areas of my face where I should have more hair (lips/chin) is where I get my acne, the rest of my face is flawless. It's embarassing cause I'm 20 years old, there should be a bunch of hair there but instead there's some red marks.

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