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tanned skin - is this a problem?

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i know that bp increases the skin's sensitivity to the sun. have you been going out lately? if bp is working for you and you wish to continue using it, i suggest the use of a good sunscreen.

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I doubt very much you're 'tanned' by the sun, and I doubt it's increased your skins sensetivity to the sun too much at all.

You're using BP, which for the first few weeks will cause a slight irritation, redness, itchy, flakey, etc.

When I first start the regimen, I get a slight sunkist look, but that wears away after a few days, it's just a slight redness.

Don't worry :)

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i have been on the regime for 2 weeks now. at the start my skin was red, but now appears tanned, which is not great as the skin on my neck is still very white! Am hoping it will go away if I continue with the regime, but if any one has any comments on things that worked for them or what I can expect, I would be v v grateful.

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i'm on month 2 almost 3, and ppl still think i go tanning, which i don't. i stopped tanning right when i started the regimen, and my face is nowhere near as white as i naturally am. i thought i'd be back to my normal whiteness by now but i still look pretty tan

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Hi all,

This thread mirrors my concerns. I have pale, sensitive skin, that goes red easily. I don't really tan (as in very brown) on my face, but i do go a little darker and look nicer after being in the sun.

After reading this im wondering if BP will darken/lighten my skin.

My question is, will BP lighten my skin at all? My skin becomming much paler would perhaps be worse than many pimples, as i have dark hair. I dont mind if it makes it somewhat darker, hell im far too pale already....

thanks everyone in advance

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Guest Grow_To_Overthrow

I'm not saying your whole face is dying, just a layer or two. I've had a few treatments that shed layers of skin and have noticed that the skin is dark upon shedding. The Benzoyl Peroxide may be drying out the skin, therefore causing it to shed. But in the meantime, the skin will appear tanned. Try using a chemical exfoliant and see if the skin appears alot lighter afterwards.

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