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Answer Quetion/Concern about acne cure

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I am following the acne cure almost exactly, my acne is mild/moderate and it literally crushes my self esteem. Anyways, I am using Neutrogena SA face wash, plus Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion (GA), and the Neutrogena on the spot BP. This is day 2, and I don't notice anything in improvement, but I dont really expect to at this point. However, on the right side of my cheek, are several small things that scare me. I hadn't noticed them before, but now there are about 20 in clustered areas. They look like the "white heads" from a whitehead, but there is no pain, swelling or redness, so they really arent a pimple. I am really scared all of these will turn into zits soon, they have slight depth, but are barely noticable unless i look closely. What do you guys think?

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Maybe it's just crap rising out of the pores. Does it look like it will get worse or will a couple more nights of the treatment get rid of it? I wouldn't worry especially if there is no redness that means no blood is flowing there to intensify it. Also pain is a good indicator of what will happen, if there is none then I'd say they are done forming. Either way the best thing you can do is stick with the program and let what happens, happen. Right now I will say I'm a little worried, it has been one week of the Acne cure for me and the only concern is this painful spot under my lip. There is not sign of anything but it feels like something is under there and it does hurt a bit, but looks totally fine. I've had scares like this before and nothing ever rose to the surface, I probably just cursed myself. But I think some ice and BP should work tonight. So far I'm pleased with this Acne Cure. For me balancing the meds without dryness and redness has been my concern.

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well my skin does seem to be getting worse...and its only day 3...so maybe its doin something. I'm hopeful, even though my face looks like crap!

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