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i'm currently on lymecycline and duac gel (BP + clindamycin) at night. it keeps me somewhat clear, but i'm still really unhappy with the way i look and it really gets me down.

I saw a derm and he said i could go on something like retin A or differin. so i went back to my GP and she precribed me some retin A 0.025% gel...

but i never started using it... its just sitting in my room unopened! Because my current regimen keeps me SOMEWHAT clear, i've been reluctant to start it because im worried it will fuck up my skin...

so basically my question is: should i start using it? Will it give me a bad intial breakout? (considering i dont really have very bad acne - mild.. moderate maybe)... and most importantly... is retin A a more long term solution than topical antibiotics? does anyone have any experiences they can share?

any feedback much appreciated!!

ps. also i've seen somewhere that retin A is only good for whiteheads and blackheads... is this true? because i have more pustule/papule inflammatory acne i think

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Generally speaking, Retin A will work against mild/moderate inflammatory acne -- but yes, you will probably have an initial breakout.

The thing is, if you can just get through the first couple months, Retin A has the potential to get you clear and keep you clear (as long as you keep using it or a similar topical).

What about asking your derm to switch you to a different oral antibiotic to use with the Retin A? Oral antibiotics can really help lessen the impact of the initial outbreak ... but if you have been using your current one for awhile, a new one might have more effect. I am not 100% sure of that, so take it up with your derm.

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thanks for the reply... yeah the derm i went to also switched my oral antibiotic (i was on minocycline).

i'm still a bit reluctant to start... rrrrr... i might go and get some more duac from the pharmacy!

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retin-a and Diane 35 are the only meds that have ever made a significant impact on my acne )I've been on oral anti-biotics, topical anti-biotics, BP, SA). So if I were you I would give it a shot, for some people it is very effective. I'm not totally clear, but it has taken my acne from moderate to mild.

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