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seems kinda sketchy....There are so many subsatances that seem to block alpha-5-reductace in vitro, but in vivo is an entirly different story....they make claims like Proactiv does....it can resolve cases of acne that are resistant to accutane...yeah sure...

and 80% sucess rate isn't really that impressive....

the only thing I agree about is the linoleic acid thing, but even then, when linoleic acid is applied at 2.5% concentration it only reduced comedo formation by 25% (there's a study on this). Which isn't bad, but it won't completley cure acne (although all acneic skin is deficient in linoleic acid). Besides it's expensive and hard to stabalize since it's so unsaturated....do you know the concentration of it in the formula? (I'm pretty sure it's not listed as an active, since it's not a "drug") I'm guessing it's pretty low, just from an expense standpoint...

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bion also markets there products under skintactix brand (skintactix.com). i tried there package for "Moderate to Severe Acne with Dry Skin and Dry Sensitive Skin".

the products dried the crap out of my skin. i have sensitive skin and just couldnt take. the only product that worked was the green tea poultice... and i used this product every night for over a year. it kept the number of pimples relatively low but if i missed a couple days in a row my face would explode. plus it left my skin very dry and dull looking. then they changed their formula last month and my face became extremely flaky (i emailed the biochemist and he said im probably sensitive to the increased sulfur).

i really dont think adding a layer of clay to my face every night was good anyway. it probably dries out the sebum so that it's less fluid and more prone to clogging.

long story short i stopped using their product and have move on to a more natural regimen.

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