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Whiteheads on the forehead, BP won't absorve

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hi guys,

i have some whiteheads on my forehead only.

iam trying to follow the regime and applying BP 2.5% on my forehead, but no matter how patient i am or how much or how little product i use, i can't seem to make it absorve into my skin.

i think maybe it's because its a forehead area? the skin is abit more "tougher" than the other lower half of my face (my logic here, haha)

And i've only been using the BP at night time because i can not go outside looking like i have white flakes and powder all over my forehead...

any suggestions??


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ummm.. watch the video of dan closely and follow his instructions as best as u can, as for not using it the morning you could always wear a bandanna or put ur hair down, or wear a beanie to cover the area.. but the clothing might irratate ur skin.

are u cleansing the area before ur applying the bp? ur face needs to be clean.. cause it might be too oily

might actually help if u considered changing ur bp to dans maybe, since his gel doesnt leave and white residue, so the regime wud be more effective since your using it twice a day instead of only once.

regimen requires u to apply twice a day not once, how is the regimen supposed to give you its potential if ur not sticking to it fully

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