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How to clear pores..

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First, I'll define how sensitive my skin is.

Whenever we have a lab, we have to wear those lab goggles. My face will show the redness outlining the shape of the goggle for the rest of the day.

When I get a hair cut, around the edges of my hair will be red because of the razor pressing the skin etc...

When my face is poked, a new pimple will most certainly be formed within minutes.

All pimples become red marks that, so far, havent disappared even though I avoid sunlight etc..

Well you get the idea.. I have an extremely sensitive skin :cry:

Anyway here's the problem. My skin has naturally large pores and recently I noticed the pores are blackish. It seems like dirt is stuck in the pores. I dont know how to get rid of them.. pimples are forming at an alarming rate. I'm rather hestitatnt on using scrubs because as I said, I have sensitive skin and I fear it may do more harm than good. I wash twice a day to avoid oilness, but it seems using hands alone is not enough.

Any suggestions?

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I can't remember if you are on the Regimen or not?

Anyway, it sounds like you have blackheads. Retinoids are ideal for that (Retin A). Salicylic acid can sometimes help if they are mild blockages.

You might visit the blackhead forum here also for more ideas.

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