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Just Took Part In Study Involving New PSR Laser

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I have moderate scarring on my cheeks and have wanted to take care of it for a long time. But, when I could afford it, I couldn't get the time off work and when I wasn't working, I couldn't afford it.

Then about two weeks ago I saw an ad here in LA for a research study involving acne scars.

I checked it out and it turns out it is for a plasma laser that is being tested called PSR (PK2). The best part is that they are paying me (am currently unemployed)!

Anyway, I had my first treatment today and it seems to be similar to what was described by ol' skool down below.

It is a one-time procedure that took about 15 minutes. The doctor passed over each affected area twice. It hurt about as much as dropping lemon juice into an open wound...stung, but not that bad. My skin immediately turned brown.

I am supposed to cleanse it with water and vinegar and they gave me a moisturizer to treat it. After four days or so, it is supposed to start peeling, then look like a sunburn. And it is supposed to be a six month healing process.

I will keep posted as things go on.

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Wow, that's great! And they're paying you. Even better. Let us know how it goes. I'm assuming this is a non-ablative laser? Sounds less invasive than Fraxel. And it's only a one-time treatment? Are you feeling like you have to hide in your house, or are you out and about?

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I'm in the house for a few days until it starts to peel off. I think it was a new kind of non ablative that is supposed to somehow still be stronger than the CO2. But we'll see.

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