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i had the mildest form of acne..only blackheads and whiteheads and one or two zits on chin once in a bluemoon..Im a 21 years old female ok my derm gave me Airol which is like RETIN-a so we can imajine im using retin-a..for the first few days my skin felt dry and a little red and no zits but than according to the usual pattern i broke out..BAD..esp on my chin..i started using it on the 10th of June.Thus its the 7th week going im almost in the 8th week when the skin shud clear out..ok now my skin has improoved..but today i see its flaking and dry again and there are lotsa whiteheads all over again..bw what are those whiteheads?those hard little white horrid small things which fall off if you touch them..?..i have red marks and theyre not yet fading..but im very upset today..why does my skin feel dry and like that again ?its peeling off again too? Godforbid is it getting ready for another breakout ? than ill prolly QUIT becoz im sick of acne and life..

plus do u use a sunblock in the morn when you go out?ahevent exposed myself to sun yet....i got this neutrogena non comodogenic oilfree sunblock spf30..?do u think i shud use it? will it aggravate acne ? ill br really greatful if you reply since im in tears right now... and well life.. unanswered..i look like this with zits..the mirror saying this to me..and fuck acne.



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I'm replying to you because i know EXACTLY how u feel. I reguarly cry when i look in the mirror and just end up staying in if i have more spots than normal. Sometimes i even prefer the thought of death than another day of acne.

But please chill and try to remember that whatever your condition, it will go. I've never been on retin-a so i cant answer your questions, but if u havent seen improvement in two months you should probably look in to other options.

Visit a dermatologist and explain that even if your skin isn't that bad it is affecting your life severely. He or she will know what is best.

Just take a deep breath and focus on the solution, not the problem.

And remember, one way or another, one day, you will have managebly clear skin.

Hold in there, you aren't alone in this.

Claire x

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Oh...and about the sun block, I don't know where you live, but i tend to only wear the tiniest amount of oil-free sunblock on my nose and cheek bones if its really hot and im ok.

It shouldn't make u break out if its oil-free and non-pore-blocking.

As i said before, i know totally how u feel and how shit life seems when all u feel is UGLY. You can pm me if you feel down.

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Just relax, youll be OK. That stuff takes up to 4 months to work. Pealing skin is good, shows its working. It needs to get your skin shedding quickly to begin removing all the clogged pores. My skin shedded like CRAZY a couple weeks ago, I know the feels. The sunblock should be ok, use it before going outside since the Retin A makes you extremely sensitive.

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