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Accutane and Drinking and BloodTests

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Ok to start off I am on my fourth week of accutane at only 20 mg/day since i only have mild acne and nothing else has worked. So far I feel like I have been clearing up and no IB. As I have read on here drinking is obviously not good to do while on tane. But me being in college I have drank like once maybe twice a week socially since on the tane. No problems. My BIG problem is that I am going to Mexico for spring break in a few weeks. This can't be good for the tane, I know with all the drinknig that goes on there. Well I am seeing my derm in a few days and I think I will tell him to leave me at 20 mg since I am going for spring break and I dont want to stress my liver anymore that I have to.

But I also spoke to my doctor not derm, doctor, about this situation and he feels that I should stop the tane for 2 weeks ( 1 before I go and 1 during the vacation) This way my liver wont get stressed upon as much and it shouldnt really set me back that much.

What are you guys opinions on this? I do not want to stop for 2 weeks, because I have liked the progress and dont want to delay it anymore. But at the same tim I'd like to enjoy myself on spring break.

As of now i plan on going for the 20 mg a day which is the lowest you can do and hope nothing will happen to my liver because of the low dose.

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Opinions? You shouldn't have started a course of Accutane if you weren't willing to commit to it. Honestly, this stuff can cure your acne FOREVER, so why mess with it for a one-week vacation? You can go on springbreak and not drink! You can go on springbreak and drink in moderation.

You are only on 20mg/day. Just go and not drink too heavily. Stay sober a few days to help out the olde liver. One-week won't kill you. Just be smart; if you drink heavily one night stay sober the next. cheers

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