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hi i have posted before about my skin but havent really had many replies. i have been using the regimen for over 4months and my overall skin tone os much better. less spots but red marks left from old spots and where i have picked at spots. are these sacrs or just hyperpigmentation. when i run my hand over my forehead there are no indentations but there is quite a few red marks and the same on my chin. one scar on my chin looked like it was going to be indented but as its healing its turned into a lumpy scar! what on earth is it and will it ever fade back to normal skin colour? please post some suggestions. i dnt hava camera at the moment so i cant posta pic. sorry.

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I know how frustrating scars can be, I'm no expert but I'll tell you what I know. You said some of the scars have no indents and are flat, those are red marks; They will fade over time. However you said that one of them was sticking out, this is probably not a red mark, but I'm not really sure what it is. Sorry thats all I really know... I'm not sure what the link is but I know Dan has a page on here that discribes the different types of scars and how long they usually last. I'll keep looking for it and post when I do, but If anyone knows where the link please post.

Best of luck :cool:


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