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SH*T!!!!! :wall:

Okay, I have hypertrophic (raised) scars on my back. About a year ago, I got a serious of 7 chemical peels on my back, each a month apart. (at the time, I didn't have the where-with-all to ask what kind of peel it was). I got no results from the peels, but I always felt that they were not strong enough because the scars were red for about a day afterwards. I also got a serious of kenalog injections afterwards, and now my scars are pretty much flat (but still red).

I'm usually pretty aggressive on my back, because I know the skin is thicker, and it is easy to hide if I go a little overboard. Anyway, ever since the injections, I've been spot treating with Super Cop 2x, and I've tried a couple of exfoliators, including Exfol Serum, but I figured that it wasn't strong enough. I was seeing results VERY slowly, but I was seeing results. I thought I could speed up the process....

...so I did something that I've never done before. I order sample peels from DiannaYvonne.com. I bought a 40% lactic acid peel, and a 35% fruit acid peel. When I got them, I washed my back really well, and I thought I'd try the fruit acid peel first, spot treated on each scar. The instructions say to start by leaving it on 1 minute, and work up to a maximum of 10 minutes. Well, I figured that 1. I had peels before and never had problems and 2. I am using it on thick scar tissue on my BACK, not my face. So, stupid me, I left it on for 10 minutes.

I didn't think anything was wrong at first. It didn't sting too much, and the scars looked red, but didn't frost or anything, and they didn't look too bad. (I only did one layer) So, when I washed it off, and my scars were just red, I figured I would add some Super Cop 2x on top! (WHAT WAS I THINKING?!). That burned pretty bad! I stuck it out for about 5 minutes, and then I washed off the Super Cop 2x. My scars were REALLY red, and one even started bleeding a bit. Some of the other scars seemed to be oozing a clear white liquid. I put Kenerase moisturizer on the scars and left them alone.

Ever since (I did this yesterday afternoon), the whole area has been VERY sore and randomly stinging in places. Today, there are scabs on and around every scar, and it looks AWFUL! I know, from reading other people's mishaps, that it might turn out okay. But I'm wondering what steps I should take now to improve the results. If I had thought this through, I would have bought Emu Oil as well. I really want to apply copper peptides to improve healing, but I don't want the scabs to start bleeding again. Plus, I only have Super Cop 2x and Super CP Serum, and I think both have salicylic acid in them (right?) which I definately don't want to apply right now.

Please, what would you suggest that I do right now? Should I just leave it alone? Should I try putting Vitamin E on it? Also, how long should I wait before putting copper peptides on? Please, I really need your advice - I've never had such an adverse reaction by my skin before!

Oh, and on another note, just how strong is 35% fruit acid?? I thought that was one of the milder peels you could get :think:

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It would be advisable to use an antibiotic cream for a few days and then it would be best to leave the scabs alone as you don't want to knock them off prematurely.

In the long run you could see an improvement.

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I got a really bad sunburn on my back/shoulders a few years back and my scars got all red and swelled up to the point where they were raised above the skin (they are normally about flush with the skin, but barely depressed, and very soft (you can press down on them pretty easily). Granted, it's not the same situation, but they healed normally like the rest of my back after a week or so and I then had a decent tan until it peeled. I didn't do anything to it; sometimes leaving damaged skin alone is the best way to let it heal. I didn't even wash for a couple of days because it hurt too badly and slept on my side.

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I agree w/ the above poster. Antibiotic cream just to prevent an infection and then leave it alone. If it starts looking infected, go see a doctor.

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