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Roaccutane & Sleeping Problems

I went on a roaccutane regimen last September or so and I've been having problems with my sleep pretty much ever since. I started out with 20mg x 2 a day (I weight about 100kg, 21 years old) and in January I've been taking 20mg x 3 every other day. It really cleared pretty much all of my acne but I got the regular side-effects like dry skin and problems with night vision.

I used to just go to bed too late at night during the fall and got just too little sleep during the week.. But I always managed to get most of it back on weekends, never had problems sleeping enough. After my christmas holidays when school started again, I have been having tremendeous sleeping problems. Basically, I haven't had a good night's sleep (like, 8 hours straight) in well over a month and I'm starting to go insane. :wacko:

My usual night is something like this: go to bed around 22.00-24.00, maybe roll around from 15 minutes to 2 hours (If I excersize during the day I get sleep easier), sleep for a few hours, wake up, fall asleep again and wake up when the alarm clock goes off. Afterwards I'm really tired and have huge black marks under my eyes. Sometimes I wake up several times during the night but fall asleep again. Every now and then I manage to get like 7 hours of constant sleep and even though I feel somewhat tired, I feel a lot better during the day.

I know a shitload of stuff affects your sleep starting from stress, depression, anxiety, sleep hygiene, diet, excersize etc. but I don't really feel so much different from before I started Roaccutane (cept the acne is gone :) ). I've changed my sheets, put up a moisturizer in the room, cut back on caffeine sodas, even got sleeping pills from my doctor but they didn't help. I also feel like my body is somehow getting used to not having enough sleep since I can't seem to get sleep if I try to nap during the day...

If someone actually read thru all that whining and has info that might help me with this, please do tell.

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I never heard of difficulty sleeping with tane.

You doctor knows this?

I sleep like that though, I always have. I wake up about 4-5 times a night.

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