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Ok. I probably should have started this thing about a week ago, but this will have to do. I guess the place where everyone starts is with their "history", so here it is. I'm 18, I've had acne for several years, and its really quite degrading. Unlike most people up here, I have not tried crazy extensive methods to rid my face of acne because quite frankly I cannot afford to experiment with a million different products and procedures. However I came to this site, and after a couple of weeks of deliberating decided I'd give in and give it a try. So last Wednesday I went out and purchased the Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash and the Neutrogena Oil Free SPF 15 Moisturizer, and ordered the CSR Gel later on that evening. I washed my face daily with the Purpose wash, and unlike most cleansers I could tell it was not clogging my pores or anything like that, and I actually noticed a difference in my face just from a few days of using this face wash. Anyway, I got the CSR Gel in the mail Sunday, and began using it and the moisurizer along with the purpose face wash as the regimen prescribes. I take a shower in the morning, washing my face with the purpose, then get out and dress and after about 10 minutes apply the BP Gel (although I only use half a finger or less right now because I'm not used to the BP) and then wait about another 10 minutes and apply the moisturizer. I use only the purpose face wash in the evenings, because I am trying to ease into the BP Gel to avoid tearing up my face. I find that after doing all this my face looks a little oily, but I guess its the price you pay. Anyway, so today would technically be day 3 of the actual regimen, and I can see some improvement. All of the existing acne has gone away, leaving behind red marks and such. I have had 2 new bumps pop up, near the temples of each side of my head. It's a little strange, but they seem to be going away quickly. I am happy so far. As far as the effects of the BP Gel, my skin hasn't been itchy or red at all, I have noticed very minor dry skin on my face, but other than that its good. Good luck to me, I'll try to update this thing as often as I can remember.

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