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Acne came back after accutane, now have bullshit insurance company, im so depressed...

I was on accutane in the early half of 2005 and went off it around summertime. I was acne free until christmas time and then all of a sudden my acne came back 10 times worst than before i even went on tane. I want to go see a derm but now i have this bullshit insurance (before i had keiser) and so now I have to wait for them to change my adress which might take a month, and then I have to go see a physician to refer me to a derm. I feel like im back to step one! my skin is scaring like crazy because of the new pimples. i wanna go on accutane again and i cant until i see a derm! Im suppose to study abroad (spain) in the fall and now i dont feel like going anymore since my acne came back. im so depressed right now...i cant even concentrate on school stuff and im a junior in college. The other day a student commited suicide (threw himself off a tall parking structure) because of academic presure and now i feel like doing the same thing. life sucks...doesnt , huh.

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been there mate.. and might be there again.

my acne came back every time i got off the tane (twice), but now, 3 months into the regimen i think i've managed to keep my face fairly clean. :pray:

maybe u shd concider it too.

anyway, i can see from the posts here that it's quite common for the tane not to work in some cases. at least, not after the first treatment. i know what u mean, i was so frustrated to see that shit coming back after all the money i spent and all the things i've put my body thru, and in general, i know how much it sux.

but suicide mate? com'on.. be strong.

nothn is permanent. the college will be behind u in what? 3 years? (not sure how it works there:))

and acne? try the regimen if u can't go for another round of tane.

there's always a way out.

cheers :whistle:

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