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Been waiting for a dermatologist appointment for awhile, with just one big question to ask. But ive really got to find out sooner....

Will this fucking shit scar me? Im an 18 year old male, have had acne since freshman year (senior now). Basically this year it got really bad on my cheeks even though I was using Proactive and (its copycat) AcneFree. The actual pimples are now not a big deal, but I am left with TONS ofred blemishes all over my cheeks that look especially bad from 2 or more feet away, and look absolutely disgusting on pictures using a flash. Will they turn into the holes that many people get? Or will these red marks fade over a period of 10 years or so? Either way its fucking me up pretty good. Havent felt any kind of confidence this year, I've easily noticed female interaction differences. I mean, I used to actually be ok looking, my friends made jokes about not inviting me places because id "steal all the chicks".

They dont have to fucking worry about that anymore.

ANYWAYS thats my question, cheeks are covered with probably 40 or so red spots each, and Im wondering what all they will do to me. I dont want to go to college looking like this.

If the news is bad, Id still like to hear it

I think u have the exact same problem as me I had terrible acne face full of cysts and pustles and papules but most of its gone now except for a couple of active pimples0 which i dont really mind). But my face is covered with tons of redmarks all over my face. but I can that they have been getting lighter over time, so I guess its ok cuz i know that time will heal, and im sure that theyre not going to scar because theyre just hyperpigmentation its just active active acne thatr scars and u can tell right away after the acne is gone. mayb u can post a pic to see if ur redmarks look similar to mine?

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Heh, i definitely will in a bit here. Is this what the "Red marks left after acne" forum is all about? Are you currently using anything on your face? Im thinking about starting proactive but i dont really see the point since i dont have pimples anymore. I think I will try the emu oil. Im at 18 year old make btw

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