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How to repair damage UNDER the skin

Have you ever had a pimple that just WON'T die?

I have had one for almost a year now (April will be our "anniversary").

The only explanation I can find is that I have seriously damaged the follicle/pore to the point that it is locked in an endless cycle of filling with bacteria/sebum/pus, distorting the pore even more, eventually having to be drained further damaging the pore and filling up again.

I have tried literally everything and the catch-22 is this:

1. Do nothing--pore fills up and never bursts, stretching into a permanent hole;

2. Drain it--leading to an endless cycle of damage;

3. Medicate with Oxy, Retin-A, Alpha and Beta hydroxies etc...which only further damages the skin.

I am considering:

1. Going on long term antibiotics to cure from the inside out (if it even IS bacteria--who knows, it might just be dead skin cells and sebum filling the hold that I have creatyed);

2. Laser-follicle treatment of some kind--if you have experience or ideas on this, PLEASE post them!

3. Surgery--punch excision or otherwise--a last resort because I know it will scar.

I'm, desparate here. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

4. Cortisone shots?

5. Red/blue light therapy?

6. Collagen injection to fill in the hole?

7. Accutane (although it seems drastic for one persistent pimple, but it's RIGHT in the middle of my nose)

8. Steaming every night and squeezing out the gunk in the hope that it heals naturally over time?

9. Needling?

10. ANYTHING else you can think of.

Please help with this BASTARD of a problem--it's ruining my life!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

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Have you seen a derm about this specific pimple yet?....It actually seems more like a cyst (since it's been there so long) that you've just played with a bit too much. I've only had one cyst injected with cortizone and it didn't scar.

I'd ask a derm what the best treatment would be, and maybe get it cultured...you might not be dealing with p. acnes, it may be something like staph.....

You may be put on a course of antibiotics, just to knock out the infection (I'm guessing BP hasn't worked on this thing)....and it may leave an indented scar (an ice pick), but I'd wait until it heals before you try to attempt a punch excision or some other kind of scar treatment (not my forte, since my scarring is so minimal)....

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