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I'm going through the same thing...doctor suggested accutane, but I've heard so many negative things that I'm scared to take it...I wish I knew what to do!

well think of the pros and cons...what kind of acen do u have(mild, mod, sev,) My derm told me this cause I told me I was sacred he said///" I know your an adult now, and I know u dont want to go throgh this anymore"

that made me feel a bit betetr every tiem I hear it in my head...hes right I only acne for 3 years now but still it was the worst 3 years of my life...so try it out....the only thing I'ms acred of is geteting liek cysts while on accutane..not the other side effect,

in a way I dont care about the other side effect...like ur already depressed with acne....you may want to just hide or die becasue of it...so to me it doesnt matter I just dont want big cysts to come up

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how about hygien while on accutane ...my derm tolfd me to use "La orche posay effaclar" while on the 2 topicals...should I keep using that on accuatne..its soap free, ph balance feels gentle...would that be enough..

people are saying to use a moistriser but I'ma fraud to what if it makes my acne worse...and plus what are good mpositrisers to use

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