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Have I got it right?

Hi guys I recently moved to the UK and wanted to begin the regime somewhat. I went down to local chemist with Dan's original BP gel description in hand instead I was sold this:

IPB Image

Panoxyl aqagel 2.5. It says it contains Benzoyl peroxide 2.5% w/w in a aqueous gel.

Other ingreidents inclde:carbiner, di-isopropanolamine, proplene glycol, mancrogol laury ether, sodium lauryl sulphate, purified water.

When applying it the gel looks nothing like BP in Dan's video and you don't really rub it in to be absorped, and also my skin didn't tingle or feel unconfortable at all, but my skin has gone through a lot of dembrassion so thats maybe why?

Guys could you tell me whether this would be suitable? thanks

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i'm not sure what that is, but the bp that i use (and that most regimen followers in the uk seem to use) is oxy on the spot cream - it works really well and is only £3.99 or thereabouts. it's on buy one get one free in superdrug at the moment too.

sorry i can't tell you anything about that other stuff - but i recommend oxy on the spot!

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that brand of BP is very harsh on the skin, you might want to either try the oxy on the spot as anna sugguested or order some of dans gel off the internet. Shipping is usually very fast, I live in the uk and it gets to me well under the 2 weeks they sugguest you allow for delivery. pan oxyl isnt really suited to the regimen im afraid. Good luck!

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that bp is technically fine to use with the Regimen, although some people report that it can be very drying. You can still use it though, be sure you have a good moisturizer to help counteract the dryness.

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