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Allergic to bp

Finally i found something to get rid of my acne for good and I turn out to be allergic to it.But the weird/funny thing is im only allergic to bp on my chin the area i get most my acne. I can put as much bp on the rest of my face as i want without without it getting red and irritated.But on my whole chin area where i get most of my acne it becomes incredibly red like sun burn and makes me feel thirsty.I have been on the regimen for 3 months but have to come off after about 2 weeks as the redness is unbearable and then go and try it again on a smaller dosage after a week or so .I use about a 1/4 of a finger of csr gel on the chin area at night only and a nice amount on the rest of the face.But its only really the chin area i get acne and moustache region but i can put as much csr gel as I want on the moustache region without any effects only a little dryness can someone help as my skin has me puzzled.How can I only be allergic one area of my face.

Any advice/experience of this kind of allergy would be appreciated thanks

Morning: Shave with simple soap and sensor excel

Moisturise with nivea visage oil free moisturiser

Night: Wash with simple soap (sensitive one)

Clear skin regimen gel (old one) Branded bp gel

Wait 10 mins moisturise with nivea visage oil free moisturiser

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A true allergy would cause those symptoms no matter where you put it. I think it's pretty impossible for only a portion of your face to be allergic to something. An allergy response is an immune system response.

I'm thinking your chin area is probably just sensitive and irritated from the active acne there.

If you aren't able to tolerate bp though, you can consider other options mentioned in the other forums, or consult with a dermatologist.

good luck.

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Thanks for the reply brandy yeah i do think your right that im not allergic as ive read on the web that an allergic reaction on the face can not be confined to one area.I think ill give it (regimen) another try by starting off very slowly on the chin area as the rest of my face can tolerate bp gel very well with just a hint of dryness so thanks

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