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Uneven skin tone due to exfoliation

Okay, this may sound 'different', but i used a this exfoliating cream for women (well, i'm a guy, that's why) on my face, and it did work, but not on my whole face. it left behind this big patch of lighter skin on my right cheek, making me look retarded. sold the thing to my mom. then i bought a cleanser (also for women!), which also worked, but once again, for a smaller patch on my left cheek! now i look even worse. so, what do i do to fix this problem? it sure is annoying. i mean, does it like, 'heal' by itself eventually? and if yes, for how long? using some other exfoliant might just reexfoliate those patches if i'm not wrong. is there some safe solution somewhere? people talked about scrubs and cleansers and moisturizers. well i don't know what any of that stuff does so if anyone here is willing to help then please do.

oh, sorry... hi.

ps. the cream was this Olay UV whitening cream, and the cleanser was also an Olay Total Effects Cleanser.. both have gentle micro beads for exfoliation.. the first has SPF 15 i think.. anyway, yeah, that's what happend and i don't know how to fix it.

i'm also going to start on the regimen in a while since i'm starting to get acne... very little.. barely noticable.. on my cheeks.. some came and went away leaving brown spots behind which i hope the regimen can cure!

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